Angela Demarse

MSc Candidate (2019-present)

For my Master’s research, I am studying the population, life history and phenology of the Mottled Duskywing, an endangered butterfly in Ontario. Through a mark-resighting study design, I plan to estimate population size, survival, dispersal, and effects of different management practices on two subpopulations in the Rice Lake Plains. I also plan to conduct lab-based studies at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory to understand density-dependent limitations on larval stages of the Mottled Duskywing. The results of my research will inform ongoing conservation efforts underway through partnership with Jessica Linton of Natural Resource Solutions Inc., and in collaboration with Alderville First Nations & Alderville Black Oak Savanna, Professor Emeritus Gard Otis, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Ontario Parks, Canadian Wildlife Service, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, Toronto Zoo, Western University, York University, and Wildlife Preservation Canada.

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