Our research encompasses…

…to understand how non-lethal effects on individuals, such as variation in condition, indirect genetic effects, and fear, influence seasonal variation in fitness and scale-up to affect the dynamics of populations.

…to determine how events in one season carry-over to influence success in subsequent seasons.

…to detail migratory pathways and dispersal and then use this information for building predictive population models.


…between their breeding and non-breeding grounds to understand how environmental change influences fitness and long-term population dynamics.

In the news...

Who's In The Lab

Dr. Ryan Norris

Associate Professor & University Research Chair
Dept of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Office: 2451, New Science Complex
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext 56300

    Gustavo Betini

    Dr. Gustavo Betini

    Postdoc (2014-present)
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrew McAdam
    PhD: University of Guelph
    MSc: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    BSc: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    email: betinig@uoguelph.ca

      Dr. Tyler Flockhart

      LiberEro Postdoc (2015-present)
      PhD: University of Guelph
      MSc: University of Saskatchewan
      BSc: University of Alberta
      email: dflockha@uoguelph.ca

        Julia Kilgour

        Julia Kilgour

        PhD Candidate (2013-present)
        Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrew McAdam
        MSc: University of Regina
        BSc: University of Toronto
        email: rkilgour@uoguelph.ca

          Brad Woodworth

          PhD Candidate (2013-present)
          MSc: Acadia University
          BSc: Dalhousie University
          email: bwoodwor@uoguelph.ca

            Jesse Pakkala with Savannah Sparrow

            Jesse Pakkala

            MSc Candidate (2013-present)
            Co-supervisor: Dr. Amy Newman
            BSc: University of Guelph
            email: jpakkala@uoguelph.ca

              Alex Sutton

              MSc Candidate (2014-present)
              BSc: University of Guelph
              email: asutto01@uoguelph.ca

                Nikole Freeman

                MSc Candidate (2014-present)
                Co-supervisor: Dr. Amy Newman
                BSc: University of Guelph
                email: nfreeman@uoguelph.ca

                  Grace Pitman

                  MSc Candidate (2015-present)
                  BSc: University of Guelph
                  email: gpitman@uoguelph.ca


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