Our research encompasses…

…to understand how non-lethal effects on individuals, such as variation in condition, indirect genetic effects, and fear, influence seasonal variation in fitness and scale-up to affect the dynamics of populations.


…to determine how events in one season carry-over to influence success in subsequent seasons.

Gray Jay on nest

…to detail migratory pathways and dispersal and then use this information for building predictive population models.


…between their breeding and non-breeding grounds to understand how environmental change influences fitness and long-term population dynamics.


In the news...

Who's In The Lab

photo by S. Doucet

Dr. Ryan Norris

Associate Professor & University Research Chair
Dept of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Office: 2451, New Science Complex
Phone: 519-824-4120 ext 56300

    Gustavo Betini

    Dr. Gustavo Betini

    Postdoc (2014-present)
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrew McAdam
    PhD: University of Guelph
    MSc: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    BSc: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    email: betinig@uoguelph.ca


      Dr. Tyler Flockhart

      LiberEro Postdoc (2015-present)
      PhD: University of Guelph
      MSc: University of Saskatchewan
      BSc: University of Alberta
      email: dflockha@uoguelph.ca

        Julia Kilgour

        Julia Kilgour

        PhD Candidate (2013-present)
        Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrew McAdam
        MSc: University of Regina
        BSc: University of Toronto
        email: rkilgour@uoguelph.ca


          Brad Woodworth

          PhD Candidate (2013-present)
          MSc: Acadia University
          BSc: Dalhousie University
          email: bwoodwor@uoguelph.ca

            Jesse Pakkala with Savannah Sparrow

            Jesse Pakkala

            MSc Candidate (2013-present)
            Co-supervisor: Dr. Amy Newman
            BSc: University of Guelph
            email: jpakkala@uoguelph.ca


              Alex Sutton

              MSc Candidate (2014-present)
              BSc: University of Guelph
              email: asutto01@uoguelph.ca


                Nikole Freeman

                MSc Candidate (2014-present)
                Co-supervisor: Dr. Amy Newman
                BSc: University of Guelph
                email: nfreeman@uoguelph.ca

                  Image 2

                  Grace Pitman

                  MSc Candidate (2015-present)
                  BSc: University of Guelph
                  email: gpitman@uoguelph.ca


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