Dr. Gustavo Betini

Postdoc (2014-present)Gustavo Betini

I study the evolutionary and ecological consequences of seasonality. During my PhD, I used an experimental model system, Drosophila melanogaster, to simulate two distinct breeding and non-breeding seasons and mathematical models to examine the ecological consequences of seasonality. I found that the interaction between seasonal density dependence and individual, non-lethal carry-over effects caused by variation in non-breeding density affects breeding output, which can stabilize long-term population dynamics. I also showed how variation in parental breeding density negatively influenced offspring size, and how this carried over to influence offspring survival during the non-breeding season. For my postdoc, I am using the same lab system to investigate how the interplay between fluctuations in density and life-history trade-offs between seasons (i.e. eco-evolutionary dynamics) causes long cycles (~10 generations), which has never been observed in aseasonal populations of fruit flies.


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